Themes To Inspire Your Modern Living Room Designs

Themes To Inspire Your Modern Living Room Designs

When planning the decor of the living room, you might start in a systematic manner. This will help you to narrow down among an overwhelming choice of wall colors, furniture pieces and other aspects. You can start by choosing the main underlying theme for the decor.

Modern Designs

If you are looking for a theme to inspire the living room decor, you might consider modern living room designs. In the case of modern or contemporary themes, you need to think soft and clean shades and lines. Usually, modern decor elements remove clutter in the form of intricate designs on walls, upholstery or carpeting. Hence, a modern décor theme will help you to rule out certain décor options.

From Wall Colors For Furniture

The wall colors can be chosen in pale shades like white, beige, grey, shades or yellow, blue and others. Once the wall colors are decided, one can opt for light patterned curtains based on pale backgrounds. You can opt for furniture pieces in darker shades, but leave out heavy patterns and designs. Opt for a monochromatic shaded rug for the floor to complete the look.

Here are some modern living room ideas to glance through which one can get inspired by.

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