The Use Of Small Corner Sofas

The Use Of Small Corner Sofas

How do you create more space in a compact living room? Even if traditional living room arrangements showcase the centerpieces to be sofas and center tables, you can opt for a different décor and arrangement especially if the space is limited.

Corner Arrangements

In most cases the corners remain unused in living rooms. If you wish to create the sense of space, choose to get small corner sofas that will leave the main floor space empty. Here you could place a floor rug and make the space look warm and inviting. There are different kinds of corner sofa designs to opt for.

Different Designs

There are different kinds of corner sofas to consider. A simple option would be a sofa, chair or a high back chair that you could place in the corner. Again, chaise lounge designs are ideal to utilize the corner space as well as one part of a wall, especially when you need to have more seating space created. For smaller seating arrangements you could look at love seats or futons that can be arranged in a corner.

Here are some sofa designs to look at for corner arrangements.

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