The Different Types Of Living Room Decor

The Different Types Of Living Room Decor

The decor of the house is an altogether different thing from the decor of the living room. The living room portrays your personality to the world. It needs to be in sync with your lifestyle and bring out the best in you. Let us discuss some of the types of living room decor:

Bohemian Style

The gypsy in your attitude needs to go free. Here is a chance to let him free and design your living room. The bohemian style deals with the gypsy decor and dainty colors. It is a form of free expression and simple style. Combine it with pastel blue colored embellishments and you are ready to go. The rare combination is hard to miss on.

Eclectic Style

This style combines other styles and their tiny bits into one. Try the vintage pieces to adorn the wall. It mainly engages bright colors and hues. This style needs pieces of different forms of art and culminates them into one. Then add some accessories to have the perfect look.

There are also other kinds of decor, but these two are more popular among the masses. Do try other kinds if possible. Some of them are shown below.

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