Redecorate The Living Room Nyc

Redecorate The Living Room Nyc

Are you looking at redecorating your home? You might want to start with the living room as this is a space that is most seen by others as well as used mostly by the inmates of a home. One of the decor looks could be that inspired by the living room NYC look. Here are some décor elements that you can adopt from NYC inspired home decor.

Wall Colors And Furnishings

Usually stark or pale shades are used for the wall colors and furnishing. Pale shades in white, grey or beige are common wall color elements found in NYC inspired home decor. This leads to a surreal and urban backdrop which is complemented by matching pale shades in the curtains or blinds on the walls.

Upholstery And Other Items

When it comes to upholstery, opt for dark shades of grey or pale brown leather sofas and chaises. These are conventional urban pieces that are found in most modern NYC apartments. You can pair such furniture items with a light colored rug on the floor. Add on a coffee table or a center table in warm tones of brown to complete the look.

Here are some living room décor ideas to be inspired by.

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