Portrayal Of A Modern Living Room

Portrayal Of A Modern Living Room

In recent times, there has been a drastic change in the outlook on culture and society. With that, there is a change in the lifestyle and the interests. A house which was once just for shelter has been converted into a mansion of decor and designs. Living room has also gone through the same transition. The modern living room projects a value which only the people in it can experience.  Let us start the journey


It is the foremost thing to decide on. The room’s decor proliferates on embellishments and artifacts. The look might get inspired from vintage style or bohemian free expression, but has values of the designer. The contemporary generally speaks of the modern change the world has undergone. The bohemian speaks for the gypsy attitude and colors. The coastal coat of color emerges from the beachside. It draws a different story to tell. And then there is the classic white decor, which never fails to awe us.


Furniture is also as important as deciding the decor. The perfect choice of color of furniture can totally change the outlook of the room.

Here are some of the ideal living room designs.

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