Play With Living Room Colors

Play With Living Room Colors

Color speaks a thousand words. Without it, life would have been so monotonous and boring. Let us add some color to your living room

Light Your Room With White

You can never go wrong with white. White is the color of peace and serenity. It enlightens the room to a livelier one. The color white entices with the decor. Not to forget the glass walls in the back drop. Some of the styles with white are

  • Pure white on white- The white sofa set with the white silhouettes along with white curtains to accentuate the look. The cream white rug makes it more like the one. The peaceful side of you craves for this look.
  • Black and white- The opposites work quite well. The dash of white alongside the wallpaper and the black furniture makes it worthwhile for all the efforts.
  • Asymmetry at its best- Asymmetrical white hues along the room maximizes the look. Put some vintage paintings along the wall.

Go Wild With Bold Colors

Bold color portrays your wild side. Living room colors needs to be bold and dainty. The bold sofa set or the bold painting at the side wall says it all. It complements every dull living room to its fullest.

Here are some of the wonderful colors for your living room.

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