Ideas For Small Living Room Design

Ideas For Small Living Room Design

If you have a small living room, you need not fret. There are different kinds of cozy spaces that can be created in this space with a little imagination.

Furniture To Choose

While a standard sofa might be too large for the space, consider the functions that you usually conduct in this space. If you live alone and like to sit back and read in this space or chat with friends, opt for a quaint futon seat which can be placed at one end. You could also opt for an accent chair by the comer along with a bookshelf and a floor lamp. The rest of the space could be left bare with a floor rug in front of the chairs or the futon, providing a warm and cozy look.

Decor Of The Space

When you are looking at ideas for small living room design, you will notice that the emphasis is to reduce clutter. Hence, it would lead to a space that is devoid of large furniture pieces, tables or cabinets. You could opt for wall hangings or shelves by the wall which is decorated by them. These can also have different items arranged for them.

Here are some quaint living room ideas to explore.

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