How To Use Corner Sofas

How To Use Corner Sofas

Nowadays, many interior designers offer advice on ways to save on space. One way is to rearrange the furniture in a way that will help open up more floor space than imaginable. For the living room space utilization you could look at corner sofas.

Different Choices

If you are wondering what kind of sofa can be placed in a corner, it would certainly be a chaise lounge or a sectional. These are sofas that have distinct portions and are ideal for placing in corners. Others which can be placed at the corners are custom made designs. You could ask for a designer to get a custom made sofa that can be placed in the corner. Though custom made pieces are more expensive, you might have an accent piece created in your living room.

Highlighting The Space

When you have a corner sofa placed, it is best to accentuate the furniture by adding other accent pieces in the same place. For instance, you could add a floor lamp next to the sofa or a wall shelf with decorative accessories for them. Place a floor rug next to the sofa to complete the look.

Here are some corner sofa designs to look at.

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