How To Decorate A Small Living Room ?

How To Decorate A Small Living Room ?

If you have a studio apartment, usually the living and dining space flows into the kitchen area with the bedroom unit at one end. In order to create a small living room, here are some ideas to explore that would be ideal for a studio or micro apartment.

Creating A Separate Space

You could opt for screens or dividers in order to make a separate section for the living room area. This will also help one to allow guests to sit in this space and preserve the privacy of others in the dining or bedroom area. There are many lightweight and portable screens and dividers that are available at lifestyle stores.

Decor For Small Living Rooms

If you wish to create a separate living room area in a studio or micro apartment, you can use an area or floor rug to segregate the space. Here you can place one or two chairs along with a table or place wall cabinets and floor lamps to complete the décor. There are innovative spaces saving furniture items that one can browse which are ideal for small living rooms.

For unique living room décor ideas that are ideal for small apartments, check out the images below.

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